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Promoting an app is not an easy job; you are going to have many difficulties. If you have build apps before, either for your business or for a company that hired you for the job, you know how difficult it can be to get users downloading and actually using the mobile app. But, getting started should be difficult at all; at least you can choose the option of buying app reviews to increase your visibility in app stores. And we are here to help; we can help you increase the visibility of your app in app stores now.

But, how important are app reviews?

Today, there are more than a million apps in app stores all trying to fight for users’ attention. And it shouldn’t surprise you that there is still space for more apps. Although your app may not be popular in the first few months after release, you can be sure that your user base will grow big with time if you have good app reviews online. And that is what we are here to give you.

You see, something close to 70% of mobile app download are the results of app search in the app stores. And users  are smart by the way; they only download and install apps with positive reviews and the best rating, thanks to Google and Apple for making everything clear from day one. Today, app ratings and reviews are the major ranking factor in app store. Because of this, most of the companies are willing to buy android installs to increase the popularity of Android Apps.

Our service

It is often sad to see honest and innocent users fail to get the service they pay for. We have heard of scary stories of customers buying reviews and rating but never getting results. Others don’t even get results at all. We cannot assure you that we are the best service providers in the market; you will obviously have doubts about our service, but you cannot be sure who the best service provider is unless you try a few of them. Our results often speak louder than words, but for the sake of giving you an assurance, we can tell you that buying app reviews from us will not only save you money but also give you the best results.  

How the service works

Step #1

Click the Buy Now button to enter your details. Make sure that name and email address is correct. Add your app store URL and tracking URL to start your campaign.

Step #2

We get your app reviewed. We assure you that our reviewers are real people; we have no perfect definition for robots because we don’t use even one. We have reviewers from different parts of the world, in fact, they are scattered all over, and some of them could be perhaps from around you. They will give your app better reviews after download, installation and use.

Step #3

Sit down, and watch great results soaring. Your app gets good reviews and ratings; these ratings will enhance your visibility in app stores, making it easy for users to notice your app. Also, good ratings and reviews will help you build your user base quickly.

Contact us and we will help you to make your android or ios app famous in america and in the whole world.